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Akkim Construction Chemicals Inc. is one of the leading and major manufacturers in the areas of foam and assembly padding, grouting, silicones’ and mastics, industrial adhesives and industrial aerosols.Akkim, which has gained significant accomplishments with its own branded products in countries it, operates, also manufactures contracted special products for the leading companies of the sector worldwide.The Company has been developing and technologies and chemical products devoted to Construction, Building, Furniture, Automotive and marine vehicles in its manufacturing plant established in Had?mk?y-Istanbul.Akkim continuously invests in Research and Development. In addition to the products developed in previous years, the Company has been adding new products to its portfolio each year.Akkim, which has been channelling most of its manufacturing towards exporting currently exports to more than 108 countries. Furthermore, it has been among the greatest industrial enterprises of Turkey and sustains this ascendance every passing year.


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